When I left off last time, I had cut the cowl out of the emitter plus the ribs, as well as most of the circle out of the handle. I had left a diamond shape in the handle with the intention of grinding it out into the circle,and repeating this process with the emitter. Good plan? I thought so. There was only one problem. The grinding bit I got was not cutting through the metal. I was more a sharpening stone. Now, had I kept it up for four hours, I would have made SOME progress, but nothing significant. So, I decided to instead cut small little strips in the edges and come down with the cutting bit on them. That worked, but it go to the point where I was using it to basically grind them down to something approximating smoothness, which ate it up FAST, as you can see in picture #3.

For the emitter, I latched onto the idea of circular vents as well as the smaller vent holes underneath. The idea for the alternating holes came from a Charcoal Starter we have at work that I think looks like a piece of industrial equiptment, so I brought that inspiration forth with the design of the holes. However, as I am humman and not steady in the hands, nor were my plans mathematically precise, my holes don’t EXACTLY line up on the x or y axis, and their paired hole on the other layer isn’t perfectly centered between the two on the previous layer, but screw it. If quesstioned, I’ll make up a story as to why that is, like the jedi who made this could only get a damaged part, and had to line up the holes according to what he had. I can BS my way through ANYTHING.


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