I didn’t take too many pictures this day for some reason, but I didn’t do much besides cleaning up the burrs from the cuts, which is super boring. But one of the things I DID do was adhere the material for the vents and the grip. I went with drawer grip paper for both. A lot of people will most likely recognize the material for the emitter vents, as it’s a fairly standard thing to have in a workshop. Hell, I once worked in a call center doing telemarketing, and the drawers for the desks were lined with it. Why? because it’s rugged and it’s cheap. My initial plan was to use a black register cover with tiny pinholes in it… but it was $19. For reference, the cost of the three pipes that made up the saber were $21. For two holes that are roughly an inch by an inch… yeahhhhhh, no. I’ll go with the $5 roll of stuff that I can use for something else later.

The other thing I did was paint the slip joints. All I had for primer kicking around was the brownish red color you see above. I painted them black afterwards, but got no pictures of it. I also riveted one of the things you use to hang pictures onto the hole cover as a belt clip… but more on that later. 


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