OKAY. Remember how I said I’d tell more about the cap for the end? well, it was advertised as being for holes 1 1/2 inches large, and the pipe’s inside diameter was 1 1/2 inches. so, a match made in heave, right? WRONG. It did not fit at all. I ended up bending the metal. So, I sought a solution in an old bottlecap. I painted it black, riveted the hanger and went to stick it on the… it doesn’t fit, either. … AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! In the end, I spraypainted the nut I cut off one of the pipes black, used some plumber’s putty to fill the gap and used a strip of the grip material to close it off. Topped it with an O ring to hide the seam and called it a day before I burst any more blood vessels in my eyes from holding back the rage. I riveted the last remaining hanger to the saber itself in the event that the end eventually falls off, I can replace it without too much hassle.

This day was filled with problems. If you look at day 1’s pictures, you’ll see a button I was attached to the idea of having the activator button actually click in, But when I tried, ┬ájust could not make it work, no matter how big I made the hole, it wouldn’t fit through, so I decided “fuck it” and used a screw cap cover to add a touch of color and just drilled a smaller hole through the center pipe for it to fit.You’ll see the finishing washer is not entirely concealing the huge, gaping hole I punched through for the button, and in retrospect, I’m glad I went this route, because there wold be no way I could have gotten the button to stay put and not fall through had I gone through with the original plan. When I eventually wire it up with LEDs, I’ll use a real button, but for right now, I’m sticking with this.

other complications involved drilling much larger holes behind the vents so that you could see through them, but once that was done, everything went smoothly.The final product came out well, in my opinion

Yes, it’s rough. It’s covered in scratches, tool marks and glue residue. The chrome is chipping, it’s features are uneven and the paint is rubbing off.

I don’t care.

It’s mine.


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